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What To Expect

Kenzie Elizabeth Photography - Couples Photography

Photos can be intimidating sometimes. It's rare that I get extremely photogenic couples, and THAT'S OKAY! My job is to make your experience as easy and as care free as possible! I live for authentic moments between you and your loved ones, and it comes so naturally for me to be able to evoke those feelings from you.

Below are some questions I frequently get!

- Question : How do I act? 
- Answer : Like yourself! My business model is not posed. I use prompts, which is a way to make you and your S/O display the exact emotion for the perfect photo! Trust me, I got you!

- Question : Do you only photograph weddings, couples & families?
_ Answer : Absolutely not! I am a jack of all trades! My main focus is weddings, couples and families, but I will always photograph seniors, expecting mommas, newborns, fresh 48s, births, etc! My passion is couples because I absolutely love LOVE! 

- Question : What do we wear?
- Answer : This is tricky. You should always wear something that expresses who you are. But, my favorite thing for couples to wear is a neutral for the guy, and a pattern for the gal! I will attach a Pinterest board below for your inspiration!